my first kfc

i don’t worry much about my weight. i think it’s silly to stress about stuff like that, and unless it’s a health issue, it’s not an issue to me at all. i lost 30 pounds about a year and a half ago, and that was a health issue. i found a good, healthy weight for a 5 foot 7 inch tall woman with a big butt, and i’ve stuck right around that weight for some time.

this summer, i didn’t do much. i hurt my knee and couldn’t work out at all, i was too scared to go outside in the uncomfortable summer heat, and i just stayed inside and ate a lot of food. bleh. so now it’s time to change my diet, and since my knee is better, my activities as well.

a friend of mine wants to lose weight too, so we’re going head-to-head on weight loss. but since he can afford a trainer and all i’ve got is personal motivation, we’re going to see if i can lose 10 pounds before he can lose 15. pssshhh.

so in a last hurrah before my impending diet and workout doom, i decided to give in to the strange kfc craving i’ve been having for the last two months. i don’t remember ever actually eating the chicken from kfc, but in my head it was a crispy and wonderful chunk of heaven. no idea where i got this concept, or why: i don’t even like chicken. but i had to have some!

so today, with my friend waffles in tow, i met the “wonder” that is kfc and their popcorn chicken.

damn, nugget
don’t i look EXCITED ?! in fact, i was sort of appalled by the trashiness of my local chicken joint. and i’m not really sure where i stand on this chicken issue. i knew it was just about THE most unhealthy meal i could’ve had–popcorn chicken, a viscous strawberry soda, biscuit, corn, and “colonel’s buttery spread”. i am terrified of looking up the nutritional content–i highly doubt there are any actual nutrients in that meal. but the popcorn… so crispy. so fried. so crunchy and it was actually good. and i’ll probably never eat it again.

tomorrow ? diet on. gym in the morning. and of course, unquenchable thirst and hunger. *so* excited. </sarcasm>

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