mmmm moscow

i’ve had moscow on my mind since october. it’s something about the weather: as soon as california gets cold, i start thinking about -20 degree windchill, trudging through dirty snow, and the moscow skyline.

i got this necklace on etsy because a) i’d never seen one like it before and b) ten bucks is pretty much my maximum when it comes to selfish expenditures these days.

it’s called the st petersburg necklace from etsy seller The Reliquary Shop. it’s cute, shipping was fast, i like it, but… i’ve got two issues:
1. the charm looks like st basils, which we all know (or SHOULD know) is in moscow and not p’burg.
2. the seller also makes twilight shit. i am 100% opposed to anything twilight-related. my cat could create better characters and she’s non-verbal and plays with her own shit.

it’s just a necklace, but now i get to sit in my warm house and picture shashlyk stands in the frozen park instead of starbucks on every corner.

anyway…uh, buy handmade !


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