allez les canadiens !!

the habs play the caps tomorrow, having forced a game 7 by the grace of god or jaro halak, depending on who you ask. i kinda like the caps (okay, i’m fascinated by ovie), but i will be cheering for the bleu, blanc et rouge!

in addition to cheering for my #2 team, i am also preparing mentally for our #1 to face the aforementioned foes, zetty, datsyuk, and the rest of the detroit red wings. i am already thinking of more dirty russian phrases (pasha, i have some choice words about what a dog did to your mom), and boycotting IKEA for the duration of the series.

in order to be a sharks fan in the playoffs, you need a high degree of “mental toughness”, quite possibly the most talked about concept in all of hockey. we got through round one, now we steady ourselves for the fight against the red wings. i will need xanax.

side note: if anyone has an mp3 of the ENGLISH version of the “bleu blanc rouge” song–the one that’s like 20 years old and tremendously awkward–i will paypal you a real, live dollar.

i leave you with the best rap in the world ever, and for you non-francophones, i even bothered to find the subtitled version. vous me remercierez plus tard:


One thought on “allez les canadiens !!

  1. Here I was, about to ask why on earth anyone would like the Caps when they’re so absolutely horrible, then I checked out the stats.

    They’re actually good! Who the fuck knew? Everyone I know in DC is under the impression that the Caps are as bad as the Nats and the ‘Skins. Figures that the city’s only good teams are in the two sports no one cares about (the other being DC United).

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