about damn time

i finally got a job. well, two. i started last week with a place that sells overpriced tea to unsuspecting schmucks:

and yesterday, i signed papers to join the stanford university of retail operations:

yeah. that’s right. i’m your enabler now, here to dish out your technological mistresses over which you lust for months, then line up outside the store with all the other sweaty-palmed dorks who want the same damn thing, then you take her home and touch her in private.

well, not yet. i start training on 21 may.

in the meantime, i have to figure out if i’m going to keep both of these jobs or let the lower-paying, higher pressure one go. i’m not stranger to selling tea, but i’m new to the commission-based sales model and i have a lot of qualms about selling people extremely expensive tea with supposed health benefits. they make it seem like tea cures all, but guess what ? asians die too. all the time, every day. granted, the japanese seem to have a lock on the supercentarian set. but they still die a lot.

i’m definitely sad about not working in the library anymore, and realise that i may not get another opportunity to do so until i get a grad school internship, if that.

also on the day apple offered the job to me, i got an email saying that i was invited to take a test for the same library job i just got fired from (although this one comes with some semblance of benefits, and a guaranteed 20 hours a week–wow, twenty whole hours !). i don’t have much interest in switching to a new library, where i will be treated like shit because it’s a job 16-year-olds can do. but i’m a snobby Masters-less member of the library elite: my attitude and my ideas won’t get me very far without that degree, so why not go tell the public how to use an iPad ?

although, i will hand it to the tea people: this is one hell of a good product.


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