postseason journey tribute videos are the new rally towel

(for the record, the giants call them “rally rags”, which sounds like some kind of uber-fast drying feminine napkins that danica patrick would endorse).

i’m sure if i actually liked the giants, or baseball, i’d be pretty freaking excited about the giants making the postseason (they don’t call it playoffs, kids) AND hockey season at the same time. there’s also football, and soon, basketball. if i was a dude i’d be on sabbatical locked in my basement in front of five or six televisions simultaneously watching different sports, my beard growing a it’s own beard. fucking. manly.

(side note: do you think october is breast cancer awareness month because they knew it was the only month in which they knew they had the rapt attention of at least half the populous? or at least the half of the half that likes sports? or to just zhush it up a bit with some pink?)

but i’m not a dude. i am a girl with pretty cute pigtails (!!!) for the first time in years, and i’m a nerdy girl at that. i already have a page in my notebook about potential fantasy hockey picks based on early season play. early as in, the four-day-old season.

anyway, as the last living bay area resident to discover we have a baseball team up in the city, i keep seeing this video getting posted on facebook. someone decided to sing giants-related lyrics over a journey song, the pride of our fair bay.

impressive, i suppose. if only for the vague reference to tim lincecum’s possession citation in tshirt form. i hate to break it to you, giants fans, but montreal did it before you. don’t know if they were the first, but annakin slayd did it at LEAST two seasons ago.

this video is infinitely better because there is a breakdancing canadian kid in a habs jersey, maurice richard, and uh… no chicks with beards.

2 thoughts on “postseason journey tribute videos are the new rally towel

  1. You do realize that Journey is from San Francisco right? And Steve Perry was at several NLCS games singing along with this song during the latter half of the games.

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