it’s very rare that i find anyone who knows how to ice skate. most people (people from california, anyway) didn’t grow up skating like i did and aren’t very good at it.

except ally and jason. jason can skate backwards, which is basically the hallmark of a good amateur skater. anyone who’s skated their whole life might scoff at this, but really all i look for in people who want to go ice skating is whether or not they are serious (don’t say you wanna go with me then bail), and if they can keep up with me. jason and ally can go skating with me anytime, i like them on and off the ice.

so of course, who is the only one that falls? moi.

i got too low in a corner and just fell. real smart. and it was toward the end of public skate too, so there was snow all over the ice and my ass was freezing for the rest of the night (we went upstairs to stanley’s and had another beer and semi-watched an adult league game).

at least i found new friends who can skate!

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