day 1: ii can’t spell my damn goaliie’s name

okay, so i’m really going to do it this time. going to do the whole 30 damn days of blogging. i don’t know what the hell my problem is, but i have one and maybe this will solve it. (don’t read into that. just agree with me, okay?).

DAY 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

this is my face, staring at your face.

my day was meh: went into work two hours early. fuck. i read my schedule wrong–granted, better to be two hours early rather than late. after declining the offer to clock in and work a grand 10-hour day, i went shopping (okay, looking) for plates and other things to serve food in/on, and read part of the sports page in the merc. it was there that i discovered something so embarrassing, i almost don’t want to admit it:

i’ve been spelling antero niittymaki’s name wrong for three months. seriously.

it’s an N, two I’s, two T’s, and an YMAKI. i’ve been spelling it “nittymaki”. seriously had no clue it was nIIttymaki. i am someone who prides myself on my grammar skillz, and i abhor terrible spellers, so this revelation hit me pretty hard (i know how to spell monta ellis’ name correctly, and he doesn’t even play hockey. come on).  i want to say i feel like a bad sharks fan, but deep down i realise this is just a vestige of my unfaltering loyalty to nabokov.

(you missed it, but i just did the cross-yourself-kiss-RIP thing. he’s dead to everyone in san jose but me. love you, nabbynabs).

so after fucking up my work day and getting my mind blown by the sharks, my day redeemed itself by becoming beatles day. in honour of the beatles catalog finally becoming available on iTunes, we now get to listen to the same ninety minutes of beatles music at work (seriously, ninety minutes. hundreds of beatles songs in the universe and they only give us an hour and a half of them. at least we get to hear “while my guitar gently weeps” a few dozen times a day. i also get to wear this, the best nametag ever:



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