day 2: do your research

Day 2: something you love about yourself.

well, that’s not easy. i hate writing about myself. do you ever read those author blurbs on book jackets and think, ‘damn, that is one self-absorbed person’. my blurbs will always be short and bullshitty, you can count on that.

but i think one of the things i love about myself is that i will always research something i don’t understand. if i don’t know the answer to something, i will find it out. “i don’t know” has never been an acceptable answer to me, and i’m guessing that’s why someone gave me a set of encyclopedias when i was a kid. it’s made me really good at research and stupid good at trivia.

unfortunately that makes me really judgmental about people who don’t bother to learn anything or to ask questions. basically i think of it as having a lazy mind. i’m one of those people who would rather exercise my mind than my body, but shit, people. get on it. thinking isn’t that hard.


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