day 3: ein Bier und eine Wurst, bitte.

day 3: describe your perfect first date

really? how is that a blog prompt. that’s dumb, but i’ll answer it anyway.

perfect first date would be toronado in the city, one of my favourite bars. more beers on tap than people in the arcade fire (that is a lot of beers, okay). even more in bottles. rare releases from russian river and new belgium’s lips of faith brews! next door is rosamunde’s sausages…

and i just realised that i totally don’t care about the date, just the beer and sausage. whatever.

dating is the most uncomfortable thing in the world to me. i loathe dating. it feels like bad job interviews for a position you think you’d kinda like for a little bit, but it’s not something you want to make a career out of. you never meet great people from dating: you can find decent people, but i don’t think you ever find the best people. i don’t know, maybe some people do, but i don’t. the best relationships i’ve ever had didn’t start out with awkward dinners and lame attempts to sell yourself, they were friends that one day i decided were pretty hot. the best “dates” i’ve ever had were late nights spent laying on the roof of a volvo and talking or laying on the bedroom floor playing guitar and talking about movies.

still don’t know why this was a prompt for 30 days of blogging. i guess dating is something people like writing about, but not me.


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