day 5: the sharks are giving me a headache

day 5: a photo of yourself two years ago.

the nice thing about doing (or making a good effort at) a 365 project is that whenever someone asks to see a picture of you from the time period you did your 365, or if you really want to prove a point about something, you can just pull it up and be like, ‘BAM. pics. it happened’.

the pic that i have of me on this day two years ago doesn’t accurately reflect how i feel right now. i feel pretty annoyed, disappointed, and kinda sad because the sharks are a fucking ridiculous hockey team. they give me headaches, and this picture, taken two years ago this week, reflects that.

i might be one of the only women in the world totally willing to put a picture of myself on the internet in which i have a migraine, i’m puffy-faced and have makeup smeared all over my face. it doesn’t make me look good, but it makes for a good photograph and that’s really all i care about.

so the sharks. the sharks have played pretty shitty this week, and now that i think about it, are consistently bad the week before thanksgiving (anyone else recall the 7-2 routing the blackhawks gave the sharks last year?). their offense is okay right now, but sometimes it’s really on. when heatley is on point, and when marleau is playing the way that makes people think he’s such a great player (i think he’s skilled but he is not consistent), then the sharks have a great offense. oh, and when thornton plays like Jumbo instead of Dumbo. i think the forwards have a serious lack of confidence in their defensemen, and that it’s causing poor play. when the D is on fire, the offense usually follows. but when you have little twerps like JOSLIN (holy mary mother of god, i hate derek joslin) and moore playing–and when wallin’s play makes huskins look good–that puts all the pressure on the two great defensemen boyle and murray, and the one decent one, vlasic.

goaltending is a mess. niemi, who was only a good goaltender in chicago because he was behind terrific defense, is an embarrassment to professional goaltending: save percentage is .878, goals against average is a depressing 3.91. That means he lets in almost FOUR goals a game. niittymaki is okay, inconsistent, and i don’t think he’s going to hit his stride the way nabby used to (RIP). why we got rid of a goaltender who would, uh, win games is beyond me. bad move, wilson.

and while we’re at it, the guy at the arena who does the music between play sucks now. i can tell it’s a new guy. new guy still thinks grunge is cool and his idea of music that gets people pumped at a hockey game is dave matthews band. and beer is too expensive, still ($8.25 for a goddamn molson canadian!).

so the sharks just got shut out by the best goalie in the league, but damn. they are better than that. collectively they are better than rick nash, columbus’ one good player. step it up, sharks!

on the other hand, look who’s number 1 in the northeast, and third in the eastern conference:
go habs go! montreal in june sounds nice, get me a cup and a parade and i’m there!


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