day 6: eff the prompt!!

the prompt was dumb again today. animal i want to keep as a pet? narwhal. duh.

narwhals are badass, they have crazy horns and i bet they swim like little drunk dudes, constantly running into each other.


so today was my six month anniversary at work! for six months, i’ve been lucky enough to spend time with these lovely ladies and about 100 other lovely gentlemen. (okay, more like 10 lovely gentlemen and 90 dudes. dude factor is pretty high at R039).

hot, right? we're all nerds, too.

i have survived half a year, and the hardest part of the year is yet to come. it’s been a huge change of pace from my last job where i was the youngest, only worked 16 hours a week, and was totally undercompensated (let me know if you know any other web designers or library assistants that worked for $10.75 in the bay area). now i work overtime pretty much every day, i actually feel *old* (especially when i find out i have coworkers born in 1992), and i get to be a huge nerd, fix things, break things, research things, and do all sorts of awesome stuff with my coworkers.

ally has said twice recently that she’s so glad i came to work with her. i’m glad too. i seriously have some of the BEST coworkers ever, the most interesting and dynamic weirdos on the planet. they’re great.

ironically, i work with one of my best friends and she didn’t refer me. sorry, waffles, for missing out on that bonus.


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