day…8: he goes into cathedrals and lays prostrate on the floor

today’s prompt, which is not in front of me because i’m about to fall asleep, had something to do with music. a song that describes your current mood.

is there a song that just goes “iPad iPad beer iPad iPad thatoneguy”? cos that’s all i can think about. i’m buying an iPad tomorrow, when i get thirsty all i want is a molson canadian (dude, it tastes like beer-flavoured fizzy water), and i’m not going to explain the last part. my guess is that there’s no song like that (i’ll work on that for ya), so i’ll just go with my default favourite song right now.

(ignore the crappy iMovie video and just listen to the song. there is no official video, belle and sebastian are like that).

i love this song so. much. i love songs that are stories, and catchy, and i love belle and sebastian. this covers all the bases. it’s not the typical verse/chorus/verse pop song i tend to like (i have no shame). the line “he goes into cathedrals and lays prostrate on the floor” reminds me of this nikki mcclure poster joann used to have on her wall:

this weekend i noticed an abnormal amount of covers of this song done by girls on YouTube. what’s up with that? i heard it was in that movie Juno but i don’t know if that’s why there’s so many covers of it.

this is so fragmented and shitty, i can’t handle it. i give up. sorry for thinking in pieces. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


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