day 11: a plea to my lost love.

sometimes you meet someone, you fall in love, and it seems like things couldn’t get any better. every relationship starts out like that, but then you have your ups and downs, your weird little spats, and eventually one of you calls it quits. this happened to me recently, and being the unconsenting party to the breakup, i have been left to reassemble my life and to try to move forward. i’m crushed, but i’ve gained a new perspective: i know that an incredible (albeit sometimes weird, but the quirks are what make life interesting) relationship is possible. now that it’s over, i want it back. i want that man back in my life the way he used to be, making me smile and laugh, and even though sometimes he really frustrated me, i don’t really mind because i really, genuinely loved having him around.

this is my declaration. i want that man to know that i love him, i miss him, and i want things to go back to the way they were.

so listen: i miss you. i love you. i want to call you little nicknames in russian. i want to see you every couple of days, and even though i drink sometimes and yell, you never really seemed to mind (in fact, sometimes, i think you thought it was funny–perhaps even cute). and i talked to you a lot, more than you could bear to listen to, but i never really minded that you were too busy to hear me.

i’m not sure what good this public declaration will do, and should he find this, i’m sure he’d be embarrassed. but i don’t care, because evgeni nabokov, i love you.

do you remember how when you came to america, you made people call you “john” because you thought evgeniy was too confusing for us? silly zhenya, you needn’t choose a name like “john”, even if your kentucky girlfriend liked it. soon we gave you a new name. you were our nabby nabs.

do you remember when you became the first nhl goaltender to score a powerplay goal? or the season you won the calder memorial trophy? i do. and i remember the year you were a vezina finalist. and the year we lost to the ducks in the first round… and the year we beat the wings to go to the conference finals, when you did the funniest little dance in net. i loved that dance.

but now you’ve left me, and i’m stuck with two new goalies, herp and derp. they don’t compare to you at all. i miss you (if you haven’t figured that out) and if you ever want to come home, i’ll be here waiting for you мой друг.




you like what i did there?

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