day 13: can’t live without…

day 12: something or someone you couldn’t live without.

something? hockey. music. books. the internet. my iphone.
i have tried to challenge myself to spend a day without my phone by leaving it at home. i ended up coming home on my lunch break to get it. it’s really sad, but i cannot function without my phone. i barely use my phone for talking to people, so i might as well refer to it as my Twitter Machine. i use twitter as my primary means of acquiring news; i follow the BBC, CNN, CBC, Mercury News, the local NBC affiliate, and (haven’t lived in lawrence for 5 years, but i still read their news). anyone who uses twitter knows, that is the FASTEST news source on the planet. if anything happens anywhere in the world, it’s on twitter. tree falls in the forest and no one hears it? no worries, i’m following @silenttreeinforest.

i almost have to live without hockey for the terrible months of june through october. several people have pointed out that i could easily supplant hockey with baseball during those months, but i cannot bring myself to do so. besides, i record games to watch during the summer, and NHL network does a pretty good job of keeping me entertained with classic games.

someone? friends. clarice. dottie.
my friends are my family since mine sucks. i always have terrible nightmares about one friend or another dying and i wake up terrified and crying. i am also paranoid, so if i don’t hear from someone within a few hours of trying to contact them, i assume they’re dead. i realise this makes me sound crazy, but i don’t care. i would do anything for my friends.

pets are also pretty hard to live without. i don’t like not having some furry little thing in the house, they make me feel safe and comfortable. nothing beats coming home to someone that always wants to see you, no matter how horrible you were that day.

bah. no idea how i’ve managed to even eke out those sentences, since i’m freaking exhausted and i might be getting sick again (again!!). i worked three days in a row, three very tiring and trying days. i hit a wall around 2, then again around 4.30, and somehow got some energy until crashing completely around 8.30. i’ve been a zombie since then and can’t recall what’s happened between 8.30 and now. so tired. must sleep. another early day tomorrow.


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