day 14: ten things to do

day 14: 10 things you want to accomplish before it’s too late

“before it’s too late”? that’s kinda…vague and foreboding (or the last line of an eagles song, depending on how you look at it). what does that even mean.

10 things i want to accomplish before i get distracted and do something else, or die:

10. get a bachelors degree.
i will get around to that eventually. i don’t see it as important to my development as a person, or in my career, so it’s not too high on my list of things to do, but it’s still there. no one else in my family has gone to college, so i might as well go. i like being first sometimes.

9. publish a book of short stories and 8. publish a full-length work of fiction.
short fiction is so much easier to write. i used to call poetry “fiction for people with ADD”, and now the joke’s on me: can’t concentrate enough to do anything more than blog and do research for another project (more on that later).

7. record an ep
stop. laughing. i’m serious. although i bet it’ll be mostly cover songs.  if i play my cards right, i will use it to audition for the band i rightfully belong in, camera obscura.

camera obscura, a bunch of morose, pale scottish people. i fit right in.

by the way, if you can play full court basketball after practise, your band is too big. camera obscura, you almost qualify.

6. write something every day.
blogging every day is a good way to get back into the groove of writing, but i have to admit, i write better and more frequently when i’m in a manic phase. i also hate the manic phases (but i love finding the piles of shit i bought whilst in them…green heels you guys! apparently i bought green heels!).

5. read more books.
i fail at reading books. i carry them around and read half of them and don’t finish the rest. oops. BUT! i am really good at reading the entire internet, front to back, every day. so maybe when iPad arrives, i will download and read ebooks like nobody’s business.

4. join a hockey league.
i’m hoping to become full-time at work and *crosses fingers* get a regular schedule that allows me to play hockey at night. i have my eye on the Californiens for obvious reasons, but i’m not sure if i’m DDD, DD, or D level. or maybe better!

3. take more photos.
i need to buy a new DSLR, but i really enjoy having my iphone as my camera and not spending all my time editing photos. i rarely even launch photoshop these days, but i’m fine with that. i do want to take more photos because i miss it, but if i’m filled with tons of other creative things, it’s okay if i miss out on photography. that said, i do miss the click click click.

2. russia.
i need to go to russia. this is not an option, it’s a requirement for my continued existence.

москва, my love


1. finish that non-fiction thing i’m working on.
i’m being vague on purpose because i am legitimately scared that someone is gonna steal my idea. do i sound paranoid? people steal my photos all the damn time. i had to ask the same dumb bitch on yelp* to remove her profile picture because it was a picture i took in my photo 1 class at de anza. i own the freaking negative, come on bitch!

uh, anyway… i’m working on something and i want to talk to one of my writer-friends about how much i can disclose on the intarwebz, about copyrights, all that stuff i don’t understand. i’ll clue you in on it later, but my primary goal for 2011 is to get that book researched, written, and start shopping it in 2012. seriously. before the world ends and all.

oh…maybe that’s what they meant by “before it’s too late”. save us, john cusack!


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