day 15: why i bought an iPad

for writing, mostly. because today i worked from 2-11, and that’s pretty much the most interesting part of one’s day (at least, for me it is, as i am not a morning person and even *with* coffee i’m not fully cognizant until 2pm). i didn’t have the time to find a computer in the break room, think of something to write, and keep people from looking over my shoulder whilst i did the actual writing bit. the majority of my lunch was spent spilling my dr pepper outside of the Mr Tint kiosk and the subsequent cleaning of the mess i made, then being semi-depressed about some bittersweet news, so in hindsight, i wouldn’t have had much time to write anyway. i was feeling poorly and managed to oust someone from the phone operator role (which is oddly abbreviated COP on our schedule, so technically i ousted our COP), so i got to sit and be miserable and congested, and complete my half of this collaboration:

i realise now that if i had died on the way home, this would’ve been the last creative endeavor i completed. good thing i made it home?

oh yeah, but with iPad, what else could i have accomplished? perhaps so much more.

and i know you don’t read this, but i’m sorry for stealing the COP from you, D. i felt bad for doing it, but i felt even worse every time i was out on the floor. i owe you.


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