day 16: dream job

day 16: what is your dream job?

HA. tyreisha asked me this at work the other day, wondering what in the hell i was doing working at R039. i think she just wanted to know what in my life had brought me to where i was at that moment (and what good it was going to do for me to be working at a place that you simultaneously love and hate), but i took it to be a moment to take stock and remind myself of why i’m doing what i’m doing.

so uh, short answer? i want to write and get paid for it. long answer? i want to write, and paint, and take photos, and organise things, and make stuff. and eat.

a few years ago i took one of those really long tests designed to tell you what professions are right for you. it was part of a database that the library was thinking of using, and i lost the link and don’t think the library ever subscribed to the database (sorry). however, i did get to find out that, according to my talents, skills, and preference for working indoors, i am a creative nerd:

i like how "dental assistant" snuck in there amongst all those incredibly creative things. here, let me clean your teeth--and tell you about the de stijl movement, are you fucking READY?!

oddly, writer is not on that list. of course, my current very vaguely titled position of “specialist” isn’t either. neither is NHL staff writer/blogger/editor, photographer, content producer, or something in ops, any of which would be my ultimate dream job. i already eat, sleep, and dream hockey, so it only makes sense that i should get paid to do something involving hockey. of course, i live in the wrong state–nay, country–to be looking for jobs in hockey.

that brought me to the realisation that i have to make it happen myself. that whole Field of Dreams shit. i have to make it happen, so i will.

i’m starting a hockey team. i’m the coach. i kinda have to do it because i’ve made some bad decisions, but we’re also going to atone for my previous hockey sins, and i need your help. especially you, fat kid that will perfectly block the goal mouth. later i’m going to write a book about it, get one of my friends to make an adaptation of it for film, then we’re gonna sell the rights to whatever studio is dumb enough to make a movie about it. great idea, huh!?

oh shit, someone already made a movie like that? DAMMIT. why didn’t you tell me this earlier, like BEFORE i bought all those custom jerseys and paid for the ice time? uggghhhhh. back to square one, i guess. good thing i still have that other job.


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