day 18: fifteen

day 18: 15 facts about you.

1. i’ve been sick off and on since june. i theorize that i currently have pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, or all three. felt like crap all week, and today whatever my ailment is has manifest itself in the form of chest pains and an inability to breathe. lovely.

2. i can work in the midst of complete chaos, read or write despite any amount of noise, but when i get stressed out i need complete silence. no talking, no tv, no noise of any kind. just silence. (this is one of the many reasons i think i’d make a shitty parent).

3. everyone thinks i’m russian. for those keeping score at home, english + scottish + native american + french ≠ slavic.

4. my favourite colours are red, black, army green, and teal.

5. my favourite numbers are 7, 17, 77 and 16.

6. i do not like christmas. it depresses me. i particularly dislike santa claus: i find him to be incredibly tacky.

7. i do not know why i am obsessed with matryoshka dolls. it just happened one day. i wish i had some great story about it, but i don’t have one.

8. i don’t like sweets. (i know, weird). i will, however, go to the supermarket and buy some deli sliced honey ham and eat it all in one sitting.

9. i love cold, rainy, and snowy weather. i would rather have to walk around in wet shoes, pile on coats and sweaters and scarves than be outside in more than 70 degree weather.

10. i don’t really like the power play arm shark chomping thing at sharks games. i’ll still do it sometimes, but i don’t really like it. sorry.

11. i grew up in san jose and have never been to christmas in the park.

12. i wear jeans and a t-shirt at work; usually i wear skirts or dresses the rest of the time. it drives me nuts when people see me not at work and ask, “why are you so dressed up?”. well, i’m not “dressed up”, that’s just what i wear when i’m not at work.

13. i don’t have a shopping problem per se…but i do love buying shit (inexpensive shit, so i have more money to buy more shit).

14.  i love language, linguistics, and grammar. i love spelling, too.

15. for some reason, i always miss the Z key when i’m typing. i invented the last names “martinex” and “lopex”.

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