day 19: boring day off.

i didn’t work today and all i really had to do was watch the habs/sharks game this morning. i did that, and as per usual, didn’t really care which team won because i love them both. maybe i should’ve cheered for the sharks, because they lost and are now last in the pacific division. i can’t remember the last time they were dead last in the division.

hal gill, giving it to ryane clowe

habs are now tied for second in the eastern conference, and sharks are… dead last in the pacific. so sad.

i guess i could’ve spent the rest of my day being productive, but i took a nap and ate dinner and… yeah, did nothing. oh! just kidding! i watched one of the best movies ever, mean girls. and now i’m watching legally blonde, which i have never seen but there are some pretty rad vintage iBook shots.

tangerine, great choice!

yeah, today was a total waste. if i don’t have a reason to actually leave the house, i will stay in the house and just watch movies and hockey, and eat fried rice and half my advent calendar. i’m up to the part where they go to bethlehem. can’t wait to see what happens.

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