day 20: valiant effort

i REALLY want my iPad right now. i’d rather be typing on that than on my phone right now. alas, this is all i have at the moment.

the most valiant thing you can do as an artist is inspire someone else to be creative.”
–joseph gordon-levitt

my friend/coworker jason and i were talking about creative people today and how there are at least two ways they can be received by someone: as an inspiration, someone who compels you to do great work of your own, or as a suffocating force that is too creative for its own good. i know a couple of people that are SO good at what they do, nothing you can do will even compare. i know others that have so mastered their craft that creating it is no longer a process in which one changes and grows and learns: it’s just the thing you do to end up with a finished product. neither of these seem like good options to me.

overall, i want to be around creative people that inspire me. maybe we are inspired in similar ways, or by similar things, but for whatever reason, their work makes me want to do my own thing. i know so many people right now that are into film (never before in my life have i known this many people that i would refer to as “film guys”!). these beloved little–okay, all of them are really tall but i mean little in the russian nickname sense, маша и даша, etc–men of mine, in their own weird way, have changed the way i think about the two things i do the most, writing and photography. now i can grasp the concept of writing for film, or how people who view film think when they look at a still photo. new perspectives. i don’t know how i didn’t notice some of these things before, but it took my little film boys to expose me to it. their work makes me want to work. i love them for that.

i bet my iPad is really inspirational and shit. i will let you know tomorrow when it gets here.

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