day 21: scotty nichol AND alexei semenov wore 21

man, do i feel like a fucking idiot. how did i seriously wait this long to get an iPad?

it finally came today (finally!! it only took nine damn days…) and i have spent the last five errrr seven hours playing with it. getting used to typing is going to take a while, especially considering how long i tend to wait before getting manicure. might have to cave and buy a keyboard.

for serious though, i finally believe that this is a magical and revolutionary device. i have been making content for the web almost as long as i have been consuming content on it, and my perspective on how things are consumed has been totally changed. i downloaded a few writing apps and upgraded a few of my iPhone apps to their iPad versions (but not too much, cos i’m broke. judging from what i know about the app store, i can go crazy with the downloads on wednesday before they try to charge my account on friday. ha! take THAT, system).

i’m sure no one really cares about my iPad gushing, but shit, what else am i supposed to talk about… boys? yeah right. i’m going to watch a documentary on north korea now.

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