day 22: nothing to do with #22

part of me feels like today should be all about danny boyle, my dear number 22. however, i think i should ignore my instincts every now and then.

so a couple of weeks ago, i got this bright idea that, as someone who has done a considerable amount of karaoke in her days, it was high time that i work on making a record or something. an ep, i guess. after all, isn’t that the appropriate step to be taking? show singing > karaoke bar > recording artist? all of my good friends (save for one or two) are musicians or have musical inclinations, and for a long time i’ve been around musicians without actually being one. i was always in the school band, endured piano lessons by force from my grandmother, and in high school i was in a shitty all-girl, 3-chord punk band called motley crouton. (motley crouton played no actual shows, but we practised a few times and once made a pact to never, ever get pregnant; guitarist heather now has a 4-year-old daughter).

the problem is, i don’t have any songs written in the last eight or ten years, and i really only play bass and sing. so unless there’s some sort of kim deal build-a-band jam pack for garageband, i’m gonna need some help. i’ve already asked the incomparable travis jay taylor to guest on my album, the amazing tyreisha foster to sing with me, and j.koch to be my producer. matt, danny and joshua have helped me write some lyrics, and i’m sure i can get nads or robbie to play guitar for me. eventually i will end up having a band the size of the polyphonic spree, but as long as it gets my damn goal achieved, i don’t care if we’re the size of the north korean army.

point is, i am not a professional and this won’t be amazing by any stretch of the imagination. i’m certainly not going to take this project any more seriously than i take myself.


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