day 23: problems i seem to be having

i always have problems. today’s assortment is:

1) not getting enough hours at work. my hours are inconsistent: either 30 or 35 or 40 hours a week. the difference between 30 and 40 is pretty damn significant, i need to know which one it’s gonna be so i can plan my damn life better.

2) may have lost my voice yelling at the sharks/flyers game. i have such mixed feelings about the flyers, since some of my favourite players are on that team. but they are also a pretty big rival to the canadiens, so… i just yell at jody and cookie monster. especially when cookie deflects a shot from richards off his skate and this bolshevism pops up:

holy. shit.

3) is it possible to be barking up the right tree? how come we never talk about that? this came to me in the shower monday morning. what tree are you barking up, and are you okay with the fact that i am concerned about it?. am i barking up the right tree? which people are barking up the wrong tree? so many damn trees.

4) not entirely sure how i’m gonna pay for my schoolbooks, but luckily writing classes don’t require that many books. for the most part, we’re supposed to be writing and not reading. also, my professor seems like he could be totally nuts and horrible, or totally nuts and awesome. time will tell.

5) my expectations for things are fucking with my life. i expect things will be peachy-fucking-keen, then i get disappointed when people let me down. or when i realise my whole life (the whole goddamn thing) relies on other people. i want to go back to being a hermit.

6) every time i have a day off i sit around and do nothing but eat. today was an accidental day off: i got about an hour and forty-five minutes of sleep last night thanks to my idiotic decision to take an excedrin with caffeine around 8pm. i had work at 8am and was actually AWAKE to hear my alarm go off. i felt awful all night, like i was having a heart attack, and by 7am i still felt like i was going to have a heart attack. thus, i had to call in sick. i slept in until 11 (suuuuper late for me these days) and made a late lunch around 3 or 4 (stir fry), then snacked all day. i am not a snacker normally, but when i’m home it’s all i do. i had plans to go out too, but those got cancelled, so i sat in my house and did nothing besides watch glee, the movie pond hockey, and hockey. i hate wasting my life, but i can’t do anything when i’m stuck in the house.

7) there is no number seven, i just can’t make a list with six items cos i hate that number.

you know what would make everything better? a trip to the happiest place on earth. no, not disneyland (i hate that place, sorry everyone on planet earth besides me and probably ahmadinejad—don’t we seem like the only people who would hate disney?). my happiest place on earth is not the shark tank (they lose too much), but IKEA. you can never lose at IKEA.

i cannot wait to ride the escalator! and visit the food court!

ironically, i really do need a trivet (and some bowls that are almost like plates… i donno, you know what i mean?). i could use some more forks too, i’m in the middle of some sort of fork famine. oh well. maybe i’ll go on monday.


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