day 24: a day in haikus

a day in haikus.

start with sleeping in
have a pop tart for breakfast
feel nasty all day.

email on ipad
do everything on ipad
sent from my ipad.

mall parking garage
a half mile top to bottom
got to work on time.

where is tyreisha
my sister wife is absent
no tony either.

buying a new mac
does not give you permission
to stare at my tits.

done enriching lives
parking garage exodus
return tomorrow.

drive home past some cops
almost a four mile drive
greeted by kitty.

don’t know what to blog
search shanternet* for ideas
blog day in haikus.

*one of my coworkers said a fact i’d shared with him, and someone quipped, “where’d you get that, the internet?”. i replied “no! the shanternet! it was in my head”. thus, i invented the shanternet.


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