day 25?!

day 25?!!? how have i got to day 25 already? this almost seemed…easy, i dare say.

today was a tremendously long day. work work work (during the majority of the day—12-9 shifts just rob you of your ability to get things done), christmas shopping after work, and grocery shopping after that. the whole target grocery section is saving my life.

you know what else is saving my life/kicking ass? the blogpress app for iPad. this thing rules. and the new update to my favourite game carcassonne makes it an iPad native app. no more grainy games! so excited about that, even though i really only play it with my coworkers. alas, the new update made it $9.99, up $5 from the previous price. when i balked at paying $4.99 for an iPhone app, my coworker jeremy sent me the money for the app via paypal and i bought it. i’m now addicted to it, because it kicks ass and OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT. NAAAAOOOOO.

seriously, download it (all iOS devices supported) and play with me! user name: kalinka.

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