day 27: presents

why is it so hard to find christmas presents for boys? there are about five guys at work that i still need to buy presents for…and soon. the girls at work were an easy group to shop for, but the boys are proving to be harder. in the end i might just end up giving them food or something. boys like food, right? yes. they love food.

the big problem is that i have to put myself on a major budget because i am about to be on serious budget. i found some cool stuff but it’s too expensive. but you know what’s inexpensive? food (sometimes). or beer, but one of the guys i need to buy for doesn’t drink.

this would be so much easier if i hated my coworkers, but dammit, i love those stupid little boys!

in other news, i am soooo ready for december to be over. i’ve had enough of working late nights, weird schedules, the mall crowds, and that fucking douchebag santa claus (uggghhh such a gross idea, fat white dude in a furry suit! so glad he was never a part of my childhood). i’m excited to start my creative writing class in january and to start on a few more projects. i like new years more than christmas (maybe it’s the psuedo slav in me), and i am soooooo sick of christmas.


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