day 30: not stopping here.

ugh. i totally had something planned for today’s post, but in typical shan fashion (fash-shan?) i forgot about it because i didn’t write it down. I know it had something to do with my earrings.

i don’t remember why i thought my earrings would be of interest to anyone…maybe it has something to do with the fact that people aren’t creeped out by my ears anymore? i had plugs in my ears (not earplugs, those gross things the fat people who shop at hot topic have) since i was fifteen. i decided to take them out last month because they had been causing a few annoying problems, namely they had become so large they hurt (they were a half inch by the time i took them out), and talking on the phones at work was becoming irritating because i had to start wearing large, heavier jewelry. it hurt to sleep with them in, and it hurt to put them back in every morning. it became a huge hassle and i was done with it.

now i’ve switched to big earrings with big back pieces to keep them in place. my ears will probably stay stretched-looking for the next year or so, but at least when people look at my earrings now, they no longer make asinine comments like “wow, it looks like there’s a hole all the way through your ear!”. nor do they ask to touch them, which i always found to be disgusting: why do strangers feel entitled to touch other people in the weirdest places? ears, tummy, hair. kids still touch my hair, of course, cos it’s red and small children love red hair. instead, my coworkers comment on how much they love my earrings. even one guy that i kinda consider the consummate hippie-type said they looked “SO sick”. an older lady said they “looked very rich”. no idea how what i see as cool (me, vintage-loving, slavophile, puck head me) is also seen as cool by stoner hippie man and rich old lady.

in other news, today i got my christmas present to myself in the mail: a new canadiens shirt! i wasn’t sure how i felt about it at first because it is oddly girly for a hockey shirt, but it also has nothing to do with alyssa milano so it’s okay. that bitch has her dirty little bedazzler all up in women’s sports apparel and i hate it.

go habs go!

you can’t tell from this picture, but on the back is the number 13 and the name CAMMALLERI. CAMMALLERIIIIIIII!!! how fun is that to yell? cammalleri…almost as fun as it is to spell.

anyway, i don’t plan on stopping my blogging streak. i set out to do thirty days straight, and i did it. but now i realise how important it is to keep your creative juices flowing (eww, flowing juices—nasty). i’m going to keep writing as much as possible so that i don’t fuck up and stop writing for months and months like i did last year.

now… i better not fuck this up.

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