in the middle of my 30 days of blogging, i wanted to see if i could challenge myself to a few other things (NOT living a day without my iPhone, that is freaking impossible). i came up with three more challenges for myself, one of which i am already kicking ass at. behold:

challenge #1: 5-minute shower.
let’s be honest: i prefer to take a bath rather than a shower, at my house at least. why? the shower head in my bathroom is 5 feet from the floor. the top of my head is at least 7 inches above that. the previous owners of my house had some really weird stuff done to it, and i’m convinced that at least one of them was a little person. there are a shitload of lower-than-average surfaces, my shower is optimized for a danny devito-sized person, and there is a mysteriously low sink in the laundry area.

wtf am i rambling about? oh. the shower. i don’t like them because basically my shower only cleans my neck. i managed to fix the shower for now so i can take them and actually get my hair wet. also, it only takes FIVE MINUTES now. i kick so much ass.

challenge #2: buy no clothes for a month.
this is going to be a serious challenge for me. i love clothing and i buy clothes all the time. i bet i’m buying a dress right now and i don’t even know it. so i’m gonna try not to buy clothes for a month. ANY clothing, unless i need emergency of underthings or something. i buy vintage all the time, so i can’t even say no new clothing. ally and ali think this challenge is… well, impossible. so here’s to proving them wrong (starting in january).

challenge #3: take a photo every day for a year.
trying it one more time. i started this challenge on 1 july 2007, but as an attempt to take a self portrait every day for a year. i made it all the way to rob’s birthday (5 march 2008) before i got sick of my face and stopped. so i’m gonna give it another shot and just take a photo of anything every day for a year.

i’m excited—oddly enough—about not buying clothes and taking pictures. never thought i’d say i’m excited to not buy clothes.


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