OVC, new tattoo, and tea.

i have spent the last three hours at orchard valley coffee. i’ve been reading, writing, procrastinating, eavesdropping, silently judging, watching a dude rock out to the music he is listening to (from his laptop, no headphones—au naturale, if you will), reading twitter, being content, being anxious, getting annoyed, stalking, and getting slightly cold. the last one is kinda odd for me. second to last one is not.

i also took notice of a guy play guitar outside. on the sidewalk outside OVC, his amp plugged in who knows where, he sat atop it and played for no one. when the rain started up again, he packed up his equipment and came inside. it’s then that i noticed he was a she, and that she brought her amp and guitar on a bike. my mind is totally blown right now. she just rode off into the night, amp strapped to her bike and guitar on her back.

where the hell do people get the ideas to do stuff like that? i wish i was so… whatever it is they are.

* * * * *
i think i finally decided on my next tattoo. it took me two years to finalise my decision to get a matryoshka doll on my left arm, and it’s taken me almost a year to figure out what to get on my right arm. the problems i have with tattoos are these: i hate feeling lopsided by having too many on one side of my body, and they must be cohesive. on my left arm, i have the russian doll and the russian word “живи” on that wrist. the inside of my right arm has the outline of the great state of kansas and nothing else. thus, my left arm is my “russian” arm and my right arm is “me”. i figure i’ll fill that one up with very “me” tattoos. and the next one i want to add is tamara de lempicka’s st. moritz.

i love this one so much because it is so sad. it looks like she’s standing on the side of the mountain in st. moritz, the swiss resort town, depressed as shit. she looks inexplicably sad, and it reminds me of all the times i have been depressed as shit despite having plenty of reasons not to be. you’re skiing in st. moritz, bitch—cheer up!

oh, if only it were that easy.

she also looks like me, too: i’ve had that haircut. i wear red sweaters. i like snow. quite often, i am inexplicably sad. and i did make the quebecoise version of this not too long ago (apologies to ms. lempicka).

okay, now i have been much, much too productive. i must return to my stalking of coworkers and consumption of teas.

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