i gotta get out more.

i didn’t make a point of setting aside some time to write today. in fact, the only things i purposely made time for today were getting my nails done and watching the sharks game. the sharks game was a disaster (4-0 shutout at home, to the freaking kings), but at least my nails look nice. i opted for sparkles again.

i also discovered today, much to my chagrin, that i have actually been putting my own money into a 401k account that i cannot access. i knew my employer was putting money in, but i had no idea that i was too. i probably should’ve noticed this earlier, but for some reason i didn’t. charles schwab keeps emailing me and sending me snail mail for stuff regarding an account i had no idea how to access, so today i finally got around to getting the account info, logging in, and uh… taking my money back. i couldn’t figure out how to opt out of the whole program, so i just took my money back. i need it for school! (yes, my one class). i also need to get a new one of these little things, some new skate laces and a sharpening, and i am still in dire need of an IKEA trip.

my days off are so boring, and for that, i apologise.

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