the streak is over

two streaks ended yesterday: my blogging streak and sidney crosby’s scoring streak.

lucky for you, i didn’t grow a creepy mustache during my 42-day streak. too bad sid did.

yesterday i spent the bulk of the day working, flanked by a desperate attempt to get my cat to stop scratching her now enormous sore from an abscess she got about three months ago. i have tried everything, including claw caps and the cone of shame, but nothing gets this kitty to stop scratching. before i left work yesterday, i found her with the offending arm inside of her cone, a feat i previously thought physically impossible for a wee little kitty. nope. not clarice. she’s smarter than i first believed. or dumber… if someone was trying to help you stop hurting, wouldn’t you listen to them??

in addition to my fur child stressing me out, i found out my grandma is in hospital, having given herself some panic attacks over her husband’s imminent death: her husband of about two years is about to die of prostate cancer, and has maybe a few weeks left in him. my grandma, from whom i think some of my anxiety and depression issues were genetically acquired, has thrown herself into a fit over the whole thing and my aunt decided to take her to a doctor when it got to be too much. i can only hope he pumped her full of xanax and told her to calm the fuck down, cos that’s what she needs. two semi-relatives just died as well; my cousin’s dad and my other cousin’s grandma. these people weren’t really family, but eventually they started to feel like it. so that’s kinda lame, but you know how deaths come in threes. i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

so yeah, yesterday was a fairly emotional day and i didn’t feel up to going out for karaoke (which sounds like it was a fun one). i fell asleep after the sharks game and woke up around midnight, past the 24-hour window i had for blogging. damn.

hope you all can recover from this tragedy.


are those panties you're wearing? take them off. oh, and suck it, bissonette.

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