so this is the new year

on january 1, i asked my friend ally to keep me accountable for five resolutions. the first four were to not buy clothes in january, to write every day, to take a photo every day, and to move. i am doing pretty well with those four things. the fifth one i’m failing at, and i’m not even going to mention what it is because it’s one of those things that defy logic and reason and leaves a girl at the mercy of the universe and its ways.

i have managed to resist temptation at nordstrom, eBay,, and all points between. the only wearable item i have purchased all month is a pair of vans (which i rationalised by pointing out that i haven’t purchased shoes since october). i have written something every day. sometimes it’s simply a good one-liner or a concept for a story, but my writing class keeps me pretty occupied. i set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take a photo every day (why didn’t i think of this when i did my last 365 project?!). i am turning into a budgeting mastermind, and i managed to go to target and bought only the hair dye, cat food, and conditioner i went in for.

*SO* apropos

i also decided that 2011 is the year i start listening to my coach. my coach is bruce boudreau, who is also the coach of the washington capitals. (he was also in the best movie ever, slapshot). after watching the HBO 24/7 series on the pens/caps, i decided bruce was my personal coach/spirit guide. in my defense, i was drinking when i decided this, and it was mostly because he told his team “don’t just think you want it, go out and FUCKING want it”. (i also think bruce may have been drinking when he said that. who knows. maybe he really wanted ice cream).

what does that mean? it means i’m getting shit done. i’m saving money. i’m buying a plane ticket, and i’m going to russia. by myself, since no one else wants to go. i’m an adult, i won an ability to be responsible (see above), and i can go to a big ass scary country all by myself again. there is, however, a couple of people i would love to go with me (reenreen, for one; the other is someone i would watch paint dry with, but i don’t think they’re mentally prepared for mother russia with this сука). the point is, i’m gonna get out there and FUCKING want it. whatever “it” is, this is the year i fight for it and make it happen.

i’m probably going to step on a few toes, make a few people mad, and maybe even get depressed and useless again by the end of the year. i might even get my heart broken when things fail or when people fail me again, but it’s all part of the game.

i must have ate a few powerbars or something when i was drunk on new years–i am ready to fight 2011.


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