february resolution?

i have managed to do the unthinkable: i didn’t buy clothing for a whole month.

no underwear, no knee-high socks (that actually aren’t that high on me), no sharks stuff, no ilya kovalchuk shirts (okay, mostly cos i cant fathom wearing another team’s colours–bleu, blanc, rouge, turquoise, noir et orange pour la vie!), no nordies bags full of thing that caught my eye on my lunch break, and ZERO modcloth orders. zero.

of course, now my two favourite modcloth dresses are on sale : )

goodbye, paycheck. it was real.

my february resolution was to wear a dress/skirt every day for the month, since i have so damn many dresses/skirts and i only really wear the same three over and over again. though i did wear a skirt for about an hour today, i switched to jeans before going out again because i knew i was going to be sitting on the couch in my office and i didn’t want hobos looking up my skirt (what? the hobos are a legitimate concern). i don’t think wearing skirts is a good enough resolution cos i can only wear two of the skirts i have to work, so i need to think of a new one. there’s the RPM challenge that would be a totally hilarious endeavor for me (apologies to those genuinely deserving and up to the challenge). maybe i’ll try that, since i managed to convince my friend wil to help. but just in case, i need a backup.

so… any suggestions for a february resolution?


3 thoughts on “february resolution?

  1. Good for you that you managed to keep your January resolution! I don’t have many ideas for February, but I’m doing a “52 Weeks, 52 Letters” challenge where I send one piece of mail every week–a card, a care package, whatnot. I’m a big letter person so it’s enjoyable for me though. 🙂

    1. that sounds awesome! i suppose i could go for 28 days of writing, or 28 days of blogging again. i don’t think i could squeeze letter writing into my school-writing schedule.

      1. Postcards count too–sometimes that’s all I have energy for! Ha…but you could definitely do 28 days of writing something. One of my new years resolutions was to write more and the only regular thing I’ve managed to do is to write a couple sentences in a day planner!

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