project365 2.0

i started a new 365 project on the first day of the year. i set an alarm to remind myself to take a photo every day, and the only time i’ve ever got REMOTELY close to forgetting was a few days ago, when i literally made someone run out the room to grab my phone for me so i could snap a shot at four minutes til midnight. then they stood aside and laughed at how ridiculous i look taking pictures of myself.

at this point, i’m used to it. i know all my angles. i’m good.

i don’t know how the 365 project started, but Photojojo has a great rundown of it here. some people have chosen to just take one photo a day, but i chose–both times i have attempted it–to make mine a self portrait every day. when i used to lug my DSLR around with me, i’d have people stare in wonder as i expertly propped the camera up on furniture and set the timer. people would always offer to take my picture for me, and i’d politely decline and explain what i was doing.

project365 greatest hits 2008-2009

it’s really hard to take a self portrait every day. in a few days, you run out of ideas for a clever shot. in a few weeks, you start to hate your face and the way it looks in every shot. then you start to hate yourself for not pushing yourself artistically, or using your skills. eventually you’ll realise how clever you really are, and how awesome you are at photography, and start doing good stuff. in my first 365 attempt, i used to cheat some days and just snap something with my iPhone by the light of the fridge at morgan and sarah’s house. this time around, i no longer own a real camera (sold it, ironically, to morgan and sarah some time ago). i do all my shots on my iPhone (hipstamatic, instagram, and camera genius are a godsend), and i’m going to buy a new DSLR soon. in a way, i’m padding the beginning of my 365 with some dumb phone shots. the app Camera Genius has a timer, which is super rad and is kinda helping me take shots that aren’t arms-length and boring, instagram will do my stupid dxpro edits for me, and let’s face it–i’ve always loved square format anyway.

yesterday i asked my friends on facebook if i should get my ticket to russia or my new camera first. most of the boys said camera, whilst most of the ladies said ticket. i hate to break it to you boys, but i really need that camera. the ticket can wait (and will probably go down in price around may). i’m plotting new adventures with the camera already.

here’s a couple of my favourite shots from the first month of my project:


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