stick tap to…

here are some things i think are awesome right now.

bobble water bottle

i just bought my fourth bobble water bottle. i gave two as christmas gifts and bought two for myself (it would appear mine has been lost/stolen from work…boo!). this bottle is super rad: it has an activated charcoal filter to make any water you fill it with taste as fresh as brita water. i drink a TON of water every day and have run out of clever ways to make my water not taste like shit, so this is a godsend. especially because my workplace has a disgusting water fountain with questionable water inside.

note: the amazon reviewers keep saying it’s too noisy. it makes a wee bit of noise, but i had no idea people thought this was an issue until i read the amazon reviews. puh-leeze.

sparkly shoes

i like sparkly things–i am, after all, female. but i don’t like pink sparkly things, and red sparkly shoes would just invite more of those goddamn dorothy/wizard of oz jokes of which i am so tired (try telling people you used to live in kansas, see how they respond). anyway, i found black sparkly flats at the mall.

black! sparkly! they’re kind of uncomfortable but i don’t care.

the last few months of regular season hockey

what the hell happened to the NHL in the last few weeks? sidney crosby is out with an injury, malkin requires knee surgery and is out for the season, matt cooke is still beating the shit out of–wait, that’s totally normal, disregard that one–and the sharks and devils, both of whom struggled earlier in the season, are showing progress. the sharks sucked pretty hard this season but they’re starting to score more. i keep hearing rumours that they choked early in the season so they wouldn’t choke later in the postseason.

you sure as hell better know who this is by now

the devils need to win about 24 of their next 25 games to sneak into playoff position. i don’t think that’s going to happen, despite what ilya kovalchuk says, but at least the $100 million man is now scoring.

and, last week i watched my first full devils game. all three periods. this week, i added the devils to my “favorite teams” section on my sportacular app so i could better keep track of what they’re doing. i don’t even like that team. they just happened to have the hottest player in the league. is that bad?

great white beer from lost coast brewery

my friend D introduced me to this beer last summer. it says it’s a “belgian white beer”. what that translates to is “beer that tastes exactly like Froot Loops cereal“. no idea why i haven’t got around to reviewing it for my beer blog, but i digress. there’s always a six-pack in my fridge, and my dad loves it too. it’s his new go-to beer.

look! klyushki back there!

brian wilson’s twitter

brian wilson is the BizNasty of baseball. i love BizNasty. BOOM.

i still maintain that i do not like baseball (at least not like that), but i do like the cast of characters that make up the san francisco giants.

i think that’s enough procrastinating for now. back to not really writing…


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