the mystery of the umbrella trick is solved

canadiasian hockey player and my longtime fav sharks player devin setoguchi got his first NHL hat trick on saturday. as is custom, many hats were thrown to the ice. these will be sifted through by seto so he can keep a few to remember the event by; the rest will go to the homeless.

in addition to the hats, someone threw an open umbrella to the ice. this generated the hashtag #umbrellatrick on twitter, and for the rest of the night, the damn thing was trending in the bay area. setoguchi is, as far as i know, the only current NHL player to register a natural umbrella trick in the 2010-2011 season. it’s a big deal: you can even buy a shirt to commemorate the umbrella trick.

everyone is wondering why the umbrella–a hatless, excited person threw the only semi-disposable thing they had? no. it’s cos asians LOVE umbrellas. my asian neighbors wear those little umbrella hats when they garden. walk anywhere in cupertino–rain or shine–or on the de anza campus and you will see asians with umbrellas. there is some kind of unavoidable magnetism between umbrellas and asian folk. see?


anyone who has been to tokyo knows about the ubiquitous tokyo umbrellas. you can get them at daiso in the states, too. daiso even gives you little umbrella condoms to put over your umbrella so you don’t get the store all wet whilst you shop. umbrellas are a big fucking deal. carrying an umbrella is like getting an A+. in weather.

so clearly, someone threw an umbrella because seto got an A+ in hockey. and because he’s asian.

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