my thoughts on #67

i cannot even organise my thoughts right now. all i can think about is poor max pacioretty, whom i’ve affectionately referred to as “patches” for the majority of this season (stick tap to @EP31 for the cute nickname). i don’t ever want to see a replay of it ever again. i’m not going to link to it. i can’t form paragraphs, so here’s blurbs:

  • i have cried more watching replays of the hit than i did when my last boyfriend broke up with me (and i quite liked that guy).
  • i have only cried at my current job four times. three of them were hockey-related, one of them was when one of my favourite coworkers left.
  • i generally do not cry very much. just at things related to hockey, and i did cry watching the giants world series parade because i get really fucking emotional about sports. shut up.
  • this incident occurred 7 years to the day after the todd bertuzzi/steve moore incident, in which steve moore got suckerpunched and hasn’t played an NHL game since. in the past few weeks, i have been working on a short story loosely based on the bertuzzi incident. the file, in fact, is called “notbertuzzi” on my hard drive. i have zero desire to work on it right now.
  • montreal residents decided that, after the NHL failed to hand down proper punishment to zdeno chara for what could be argued as assualt, they would take matters into their own hands: they called the cops to report the injustice. keep in mind, it was argued in the bertuzzi/moore case that bertuzzi was guilty of assult, and of course marty mcsorley was convicted of it eleven years ago. montreal is awesome.
  • zdeno chara looks like something assembled from extra parts laying around at the jim henson studios. i’ve always thought that, just never bothered to mention it til now.
  • air canada has threatened to pull NHL sponsorship unless the league gets their shit together and makes a clear statement on head shots. air canada is awesome.
  • since the NHL sucks ass, habs fans staged a twitter walkout in the form of a mass unfollowing of @NHL. twitter is awesome.
  • patches himself is upset about the NHL’s lack of action. he said it best: “I’m not mad for myself, I’m mad because if other players see a hit like that and think it’s okay, they won’t be suspended, then other players will get hurt like I got hurt.”
  • this gives me hope for seeing patches playing again: medical blog Puck, that hurts! reveals that, though his injury is severe, it *could* have been worse.
  • i saw a car with a GO HABS GO! bumper sticker as i was leaving work tonight. in san jose. really. it gave me warm fuzzies.
  • the canadiens have set up a page for fans to send messages to max pacioretty. my message? j’aime les sourcils, patches.
ouais, j'aime les sourcils!

bon rétablissement, patches! i am praying for a speedy and complete recovery. i want to see him rocking le bleu, blanc et rouge again soon.

2 thoughts on “my thoughts on #67

  1. I loved this post!
    Your message to Max about his sourcils is awesome. If that doesn’t cheer him up, I don’t know what will! 🙂

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