hey, it’s been a while

such a long while, in fact, that wordpress looks different when i log in now. wtf is going on?

i have no excuse for my absence. maybe it was because of hockey season? it was a wild ride to the western conference finals for my dear sharks (habs fell in the first round, le meh). i uh… have been working…the same amount. i learned how to ride caltrain? okay, whatever. here’s what i did during my summer spring vacation:

i got a mani/pedi for max paciorretty
discovered my next tattoo
met a burger named daniel, decided to name my kids after it (kidding, i won't name them burger)
i grew a playoff beard
met some creepy swedish olympians
found a windmill in the city

in the twelve weeks since i last posted, i have:

  • had approximately six manicures, three pedicures
  • consumed approximately 48 beers
  • ended my partnership with red stripe (ie, i dyed all my hair black)
  • taken approximately 336 ibuprofen tablets
  • watched about 38 hockey games
  • given up (and taken back) dairy twice
sorry i left you so out-of-the-loop. i will work on my abandoning thing later, after i work on my procrastinating problem.

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