M·A·C Makeup hack: Your Longwear Lipcolour Problem Solved

back in november i blogged about what was in my makeup bag (why?? is that interesting to people? i doubt it). i raved about my favourite maybelline lipcolour, which a month later, i discovered was discontinued. for that, i give you the good ol’ shark tank cheer, always done pre-national anthem for the visiting team:


they don’t hate on makeup at the sharks game, but i am. so fuck you, maybelline, for discontinuing what was my signature shade for about four years.

luckily, M·A·C was able to pick up the slack. i’ve been wearing M·A·C Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Lasting Lust (a gorgeous bright red) and Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour in Night Rose (pink, meh, not as dramatic). the maybelline ones lasted longer but the “reds” from their new line of Superstay 24 Color just aren’t 50’s whore enough for me.

whore red, and whore-in-church pink

the only thing that sucks about longwear lipcolour: it is damn near impossible to remove. most of it stays on if i have a drink, a bit more comes off if i eat, but it doesn’t come off when you make out (which is the best reason to buy it, let’s be honest).

so how DO you get that stuff off? the girl at the valley fair M·A·C store recommended i pick up a travel size Cleanse Off Oil to keep in my purse.

great for lips, too oily for eyes

however, the twist and pump style bottle was not going to survive in my mary poppins bag, so i had to hack that shit. ideally, i wanted to put it in a roll-on applicator but i couldn’t find any at my local cosmo shops. so i found an old Blistex Lip Infusions bottle that had a rollerball applicator, pulled it apart, and filled it with the remover. BOOM. GENIUS.

HACKED, bitches! i'm a genius.

you know what would be ideal? if i could get the Lipglass end of the lipstick duo to come off and pull it apart without ruining it (i have tried twice with little success) and put the Cleanse Off Oil into that. however, i don’t think the plush applicator will get the cleanser onto one’s lips in a decent manner and i think M·A·C really doesn’t want you to take their shit apart, cos if you try you will rip the damn container apart.

does anyone else have any successful (or not-so-successful) makeup hacks or tricks they’d like to share? leave it in the comments!


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