new kindle!

when borders announced that they were going out of business, i visited the one near my work on a lunch break and bought a four books: a french-english dictionary, two french workbooks (that i have yet to crack), and a book about one of my biggest obsessions, north korea. this was in either late february or early march. i started taking the book to work in an attempt to read on my breaks (fail) and i carried it in my purse so i’d have something to read when meeting someone on a date so that he’d think i was smart, or at least the type of girl who keeps books around.

last month i complained that i couldn’t find the book i was reading, and the boy i was trying to impress with my ability to read six months prior recalled “wasn’t that the book you were reading when we met?“. busted. i told him i wanted a kindle cos it’s so much easier for me to read on a screen (it is! they keep you up!) and how i kept taking the book out of my purse cos it was so bulky or forgetting in my car before getting on caltrain.

it was a very good book and i highly recommend it. click the image to view the accompanying website

so yeah, i caved and bought a kindle. it’s a uni-tasker: it only does one thing, but it does it so well. and that’s why i like it. you can turn the page with your left hand–this is a huge deal for me, it’s why i hated reading on my iPad. i love reading on it and i love that my purchase coincided perfectly with the start of libraries lending kindle books (most likely through OverDrive; check your library’s website to see if they offer eBooks through that provider, or in the bay area, visit the Northern California Digital Library). 

oh, and i hacked it cos it was so damn easy. i can now install custom fonts (maybe i DO want to read everything in myriad!) and screensavers. which is good, cos there are some creepy-ass default screensavers on the kindle. not that my custom ones aren’t creepy…

top row: london tube map, an ampersand, the habs logo. bottom: BART map, another ampersand, and the creepiest thing i have done...this week.

now that i can read books all the damn time (and on caltrain! finally, something to do besides tweet about weirdos!), i’m going to start writing book reviews again.

and no, i probably won’t buy the new one. i like this one juuuuust fine.

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