hockey season is back!

hockey is finally back in san jose! yesterday was the home opener at the shark tank, and you bet your ass i was there, drinkin’ molson and eating hot dogs.

walking in felt like the first day of school to me: i was so nervous but glad to find old favourites and friends. the food choices at the arena have vastly improved (or at least, become more like the mall food court), the beer prices went up 25¢ to a whopping $8.50 per molson, and there are new electronic signs in the walkways around the arena so you can keep an eye on what’s going on. bit laggy, but still a great addition.

boyfran: check. molson canadian: check. new burns shirt: CHECK.

i had to stop counting how many times i said “i miss seto…”, during the game but it really was hard to look at the ice and not see him out there on his old line. he scored a goal for his new team in minny last night, though. i liked how quick brent burns was on the ice; he completely distracted me from pickles, in whom i have zero faith whatsoever. and my new favourite, andrew desjardins, certainly made his charming little mark on everyone. first star and two goals!

and it was good to finally get to go to a hockey game with ryan. he’s never been to home opener before, and we’ve never been to a game together. we have excellent in-person game juju though: the sharks beat the [laughably terrible] coyotes 6-1. so glad we get to play them five more times this season!

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