Nails of the Week: Space Nails!!


Tonight Ryan asked me what I wanted to do before heading home from a beer/donut/burrito run. Much to his surprise I replied, “Go to the Chinese dollar store on Clement!!”. Why? DOLLAR TWENTY-FIVE NAIL POLISHES. What girl could resist!?

I found these cheap-o glitter polishes a few months ago and have been dying to go back and snag some. Turns out they are by Kleancolor, which is not the best quality and definitely not 3-Free like most of the polishes I pick up at work. But they are cheap and funky, so I like them!

I picked up some makeup sponges and 5 shades of Kleancolor nail polish for myself and my coworker for $10–not bad, eh? I decided to go for some SPACE NAILS, inspired by the galaxy nails that the adorable Jasmine posted a few months ago. I liked hers but I needed an excuse to buy a star glitter polish, so I added stars.

Part of the way through my first attempt, I realised I had no pink or white polish–but I DID have some fabulous INGLOT shadows! So I scraped a bit of shadow out of the pans, picked it up with a makeup sponge and mixed in a little clear polish to make the right shade. Then I took extreme care in putting the stars on; the Kleancolor polish is a very thick gel sort with many of the great chunky glitter stars stuck near the bottom of the bottle, so this took a while. I managed to get 4 stars on my middle finger and I love it, it looks like the Southern Cross.

Overall, I like the look. It’s not as bright as the look Jasmine did, but it also has way more stars than hers, so uh, I win.

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear in Black Out
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Kleancolor 170 Midnight Seduction
  • Kleancolor 31 Silver Star
  • little bits of white and pink INGLOT shadows
  • aaaand a crappy Chinese brand purple
  • makeup sponge for blotting colours
the space nails and tools of the trade: Seche Vite Topcoat, two Kleancolor polishes, and my crappy Sally Hansen Black Out polish

Next time I’ll try to take more time with the colours, and make more of an effort to clean up my lines with acetone before taking pictures, ha! Overall, I dig this look and I hope to try it again soon.


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