Nails of the Week: Orange and Black Nails

I have been superstitiously painting my nails orange and black for most of the Giant’s postseason. I started with plain orange, then got a little more creative with some orange and black polka dots. I started painting my nails during Game 1 of the World Series and Pablo Sandoval hit 3 homers, so naturally I assumed that win was part of my doing and then painted my nails during every World Series game. When the Tigers scored in Game 4, I pulled out some orange glitter polish and started painting away. Then Scutaro batted Theriot in and Romo pitched like he was born to throw strikes, ie my nails won the World Series. You’re welcome.

But now that baseball season is over, I can’t shake the black and orange. I saw so many great #rallynails on Instagram and got so inspired! Luckily there’s a San Francisco Bulls game this weekend, and their colors are also orange and black and white (and gold?). Let’s see if my nails are good luck for the Bulls too!


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