(30) days of blogging

this one time, i decided to blog for thirty days straight.
it takes 21 days to make a habit.
it takes 30 days to form a pattern.
if your habit/pattern lasts for more than 4 hours, call a doctor.

day 01: ii can’t spell my damn goaliie’s name
day 02: do your research
day 03: ein Bier und eine Wirst, bitte
day 04: pink miiiiiilk
day 05: the sharks are giving me a headache
day 06: eff the prompt!!
day 07: uhhh
day 08: he goes into cathedrals and lays prostrate on the floor
day 09: hmm.
day 10: thanksgiving blog
day 11: a plea to my lost love.
day 12: makeup, yay?
day 13: can’t live without…
day 14: ten things to do
day 15: why i bought an iPad
day 16: dream job
day 17: this happened
day 18: fifteen
day 19: boring day off
day 20: valiant effort
day 21: scotty nichol AND alexei semenov wore 21
day 22: nothing to do with #22
day 23: problems i seem to be having
day 24: a day in haikus
day 25: ?!
day 26: hasty blog
day 27: presents
day 28: giving in to peer pressure
day 29: drunk post
day 30: not stopping here